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Welcome to the Moree Chamber of Commerce. The Moree Chamber is an incorporated association that represents the interests of the Moree business community. Our aim is to maximise the returns for business in Moree. 

The Mission of the Chamber is to promote and support current and new businesses within the

Moree Plains Shire.


Vision Statement

To achieve a viable, dynamic and successful business environment for the Moree Community.


The Objectives of the Moree Chamber of Commerce are as follows:


  • Provide networking opportunities for business people, with a focus on education & developmentand training.

  • To support and foster entrepreneurship & innovation in the Moree Business community.

  • To be a primary point of contact to facilitate discussion, review and enquiry.

  • To work toward a business environment that focuses on enabling all businessgroups to work together for the benefit of the Moree Community.

  • To be a voice for the Moree business community when it comes to matters relating to local, state andfederal government policy formulation & implementation.

  • To offer assistance in job creating initiatives.

  • To be a promotional platform for all members.

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